Top Five Best Arcade Games on Facebook in 2013

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Looking for some cool arcade type games to play on Fb? Read our article to find out the best arcade games present on Facebook, know their particular gameplay and how to play these types of games.

Do you like to ” spin ” the wheels of a lot of money and give you luck a go to get you awards? If this is therefore and you are also addicted to Fb, then here we provide you with the best 5 Arcade online games that you can play on Facebook by itself. So go ahead and read about these types of games to know which one fits you the best.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is actually a variant of Angry Birds Game, which can be exclusively added to Facebook intended for entertaining its users. You will definitely be aware of Angry birds and will be eagerly awaiting more. As you might know, the story plot of this game is that the parrots are taking revenge on the domestic swine who are stealing their particular eggs. Your main objective is always to destroy the pigs applying various unique abilities. The overall game has also brought several other interesting features including physics centered gameplay. You are also becoming provided with various game settings and also can combat against your Facebook friends. Some, the Rovio Entertainment has taken the thrilling effects and also impressive music to this video game. Angry Birds Friends will make you sit for hours of pleasant moments in this game.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an additional great Arcade game which can be much interesting. This video game has over one million players in Facebook. The storyline of the game is about Barry who also broke into a scientific lab to steal a jetpack. As you may will be playing as Craig, your main aim is to total each of the given missions. The overall game features a simple set of regulates where you just have to click on the screen to lift-off. A great feature of this game may be the store, from where you can buy items such as gadgets, jetpack etc using your collected cash. You are also allowed to swap out your vehicle used for flying each and every station. There are many obstacles inside the game that may burn you down, so try to avoid them. Overall, Jetpack Joyride is an addictive video game where you can play for hours to pick up a fantastic score and beat your friends.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Fruit Ninja Frenzy is yet another variant of Fruit Ninja for Facebook which experienced once hit on iOS and Android platforms. This really is an interesting game with a remarkable background and sounds. The cutting of the fruits in ninja style is one among the initial feature in this game. The aim of this game is always to slice down each of the fruits and stay away from obstacles just like bombs, which may come along with the fruits. Fruit Ninja Craze is a mildly addictive video game where you can play for hours in order to your friend’s high rating. As you progress through the video game, you will be able to reveal and gain more skills and effective abilities to slice the fruits. You can also unlock numerous challenging achievements as you go much inside. This is another great game for you to enjoy the free time with.

Stick Run

Stick Run is a simple but very impressive game that has been published simply by Manuel Otto for facebook users. The game has more than 5 million players coming from Facebook all over the world. The funny stick shaped man is the central character in this game. Because the stick man your is to run as far as you are able to without crashing with the forthcoming obstacles on the screen. You may also level up by gaining, even more, experience through running. Additionally, there are a variety of features like designing your stick man, improving items etc. Another amazing feature in this game may be the multiplayer option, by which you are able to challenge your Facebook close friends.


Another fascinating arcade video game for you to play on Fb is the Vector. This video game is published recently by developers of the all period hit game Shadow Battle. In this game, you will be playing as a free runner as well as your objective is to move across numerous obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. The game also includes a variety of controls to make the player perform extraordinary methods. The controls are designed very much impressively so that you can control the player with the different activities without any issues. This video game is a great one to hook up within your free time.


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