China’s Top Ten Most Popular Desktop Games (October 2013)

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It is often a couple months since we previous looked at the games Chinese language PC gamers are playing the most (at least online cafes), but with the month of October having arrive to a close, we’ve received new data to work with. So, just how did China’s top ten appear last month? Here you have this:

League of Legends. The DOTA-style competitive online game which has been immensely popular worldwide.
Cross-fire. China’s version of Counter-Strike (a tactical first-person shooter), another oldie-but-goodie that was really developed by Korean devs SmileGate and released in 2007.



DNF (also called Dungeon & Fighter, Dungeon Fighter On-line, etc . ). A Korean-developed (Neople) beat-’em-up game that is pretty old (released in 2005) but still very popular in China.

  • QQ Speed. A 2008 racer developed and released by – huge surprise here – Tencent Games.
  • QQ X5* (QQ炫舞). A casual dance game likewise first released by Tencent in 2008.
  • AgainstWar (逆战). A Tencent-developed online first-person shooter first released in 2011.
  • Dream of the Three Kingdoms (梦三国). A fantasy battle video game developed by Hangzhou-based Electric Spirit and released in 2009.
  • Asura (斗战神). A fantasy MMO from Tencent that’s centered (loosely) on Journey towards the West.
  • New Dahua Xiyou 2 (新大话西游2). A new dream RPG developed by Netease and released in September that’s likewise based on Journey to the Western (I’ve kept the title mainly in pinyin to help distinguish it from Fantasy Trip to the West 2, the other RPG sequel depending on Journey to the West that Netease released this year).
  • NBA2KOL. The online basketball video game developed by 2K Sports.
Asura Game
Asura Game

In order you can see, nothing whatsoever offers a change in positions one through seven on the chart. DOTA 2, which looked influence a few months ago, has dropped down again to the number 11 place, and it seems that League of Legends remains China’s easy MOBA champion.

The only additional thing to note here is the existence of Asura and Fresh Dahua Xiyou 2, both these styles which made their beta debuts in September of the year. In the time that I’ve been watching things, this isn’t too common to observe brand new games jump right in to the charts like this, but it will probably be even more impressive if possibly of them can manage to split the top five, which has been pretty much the same for quite a while now.


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